What is Child H doing while the others are busy in the house?

In a bustling household of nine children, each child is engaged in a different activity. Child A is ironing, B is watching TV, C is cooking, D is playing chess, E is bathing, F is listening to the radio, G is sleeping, and I is dressing. But what about Child H? What is he or she doing while the others are busy? This question may seem like a riddle, but it’s actually a fascinating exploration of the dynamics of large families and the roles each child can play. Let’s delve into the possible scenarios and activities that Child H might be engaged in.

Reading or Studying

One possibility is that Child H is reading or studying. In a large family, it’s common for some children to seek out quiet activities that allow them to escape the chaos and focus on their own interests. Reading or studying not only provides a peaceful respite, but also contributes to their personal development and academic success.

Helping Others

Another potential scenario is that Child H is helping others. In large families, older children often take on caregiving roles, assisting their younger siblings with various tasks. This could mean that Child H is helping Child A with the ironing, Child C with the cooking, or Child I with dressing. This not only lightens the load for everyone, but also fosters a sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Playing Alone

Child H could also be playing alone. Not all children crave constant social interaction; some prefer solitary activities that allow them to use their imagination and creativity. This could involve drawing, building with blocks, playing with dolls or action figures, or even just daydreaming.

Doing Chores

It’s also possible that Child H is doing chores. In a large family, everyone needs to pitch in to keep the household running smoothly. Child H might be washing dishes, sweeping floors, or taking out the trash. This not only helps maintain order, but also teaches important life skills.


In conclusion, there are many possibilities for what Child H could be doing while the others are busy. The specific activity will depend on a variety of factors, including the child’s age, personality, interests, and the family’s needs and dynamics. Regardless of what Child H is doing, it’s clear that in a large family, there’s always something going on and everyone has a role to play.

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